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    Sending an Update? Timing?

    So I was wondering whether I should send an update to schools about graduating (one semester early), new grades (increase my GPA a bit), and the job I'll be working until matriculation? For context, I have already sent an update about an accepted publication about 2 months ago (a bit premature...
  3. 9

    Program-Specific Info / Q's What to wear to an interview?

    Hi guys! I'm flying from Los Angeles (home) to Omaha for an interview with Creighton mid-January. Since I've never really had to dress for the winter, any tips on how to look professional while keeping warm? Thanks :)
  4. T

    Physics II winter session - NYC (or Boston)?

    Has anyone had any luck finding a winter session physics II course in NYC? I'm striking out! (a couple of the CUNY's offer physics I, but not II). I would also consider doing it in Boston if anyone knows of an option there, but NYC would definitely be better! Many thanks. (I know there have...
  5. Ligamentumarteriosum

    When is a good time?

    I'm sure this question has been asked in some variation, although I'm looking for specifics. I'm for all intents and purposes a junior and came to my college specifically to do a biomedical science program as all of the classes are pretty literally the list of pre-reqs for med school, which I...