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    Work-Life Balance

    How is everyone managing to keep a healthy work life balance? I work in a hospital system doing a lot of limb salvage call. Busy OR, call, clinic combined with staffing shortages has been challenging last year or so. I've pretty much had to decrease my productivity by reducing number of clinic...
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  3. C

    Pediatrics and Vacation/Time Off

    I get that all doctors have very busy schedules, and I am not expecting to walk into anything less, but in YOUR OPINION is your work/life balance sound as a "typical" physician in pediatrics (Would prefer to hear from peds doctors in a hospital setting instead of somewhere like a private...
  4. A

    MD & DO Accepted to 2 med schools...seeking advice about PA now

    I made this account recently pretty much just to get a feel for what the internet has to say about my situation. TLDR: i'm accepted to med school but struggling with the idea of work/life balance, passion, time commitment, etc. of medical school, considering PA school (change my mind). To give...
  5. A

    Specialties with highest/lowest job satisfaction rate?

    This is purely out of curiosity. I've recently been reading up on what kind of specialties/residency programs there are, how many hours some doctors work, etc., and I'm wondering, is there any data that shows the job satisfaction rate for different physicians? If not, what do you think are the...
  6. L

    Balancing Career and Life after Post Doc

    Hi everyone, I am nearing the end of my informal Post Doc and am trying to decide whether to stay on in the position I am currently in in or seek alternative employment in order to find more work/life balance and pay off student loans faster. I could see myself ending up in a group practice...
  7. medicalpoet

    Medical Student Father - AMA

    Hey all! Soon to be graduating fourth year medical student here. My wife and I got married about a month before starting medical school, and we had our first child while I was a third year (he’s 1 now). Recently matched into psychiatry in the Midwest. Ask me anything!
  8. CLpsycho

    Feeling trapped by academia. How can I get out?

    What are some post-fellowship career options for psychiatrists who want to escape from academia and put together a work-life balance that allows one to focus on family? This question has been eating away at me for months now, and I hope someone can share a bit of wisdom with me. Apologies for...
  9. K

    How are you finding your work/life balance and quality of life out of residency?

    Hey ladies - You’ve finished residency, you’re now living the life as an attending. You knew once you graduated that you wanted a ‘work-life’ balance (whatever that looks like for you), hit the gym again (get that pre-med body back right?) and have time for your family, friends, cooking...
  10. L

    Need some advice on dating and workload during residency as well as fellowship

    Heya, Around 1.5 months ago I started dating someone who is finishing her residency. We met at the wedding party and hit it off . Dating so far has been both fun and challenging. Additionally, I work in the legal field at one of the leading banks. So my schedule tends to be erratic and her...
  11. K

    MGH vs BWH hours 2016

    I'm a pathology applicant this year who is looking at both MGH and BWH, and I'm curious -- is the workload similar? Old threads suggest that MGH residents used to work a bit harder than BWH residents, but there are one or two comments saying that's outdated. Can anyone compare the current hours...
  12. C

    Position Available Moonlight/Locum Nationwide Opportunity

    *Residents are welcome (weekends available). All specialties except Pathology are accepted* I’m currently looking for physicians interested in independently contracting for us performing, in-home, pre-scheduled history and physical evaluations of seniors insured under the Medicare Advantage...
  13. Cheyenne2313

    Interested in Orthopedic Hand Surgery: Will I be selling my life force/ soul to make this happen?

    I am currently a graduate student in occupational therapy, wrapping up my "book based" learning in preparation to go out on clinical fieldwork rotations. I am very interested in hand and upper extremity therapy, and this has translated into a very strong medical interest. I have done some...