1. L

    Pepperdine MA or MFT classes, assignments, workload

    Just wondering for a full-time professional who is going back to school, what are the MFT/MA classes at Pepperdine like? Are the assignments mostly reading and writing? Are there multiple choice exams as well? Are the classes more experiential or more academic based (reading, writing, exams)? If...
  2. dwarfplanet

    Is the workload too heavy?

    I'm concerned about my workload for next semester; I'm currently taking Orgo 1 + Lab, Human Physiology, Genetics, and a gen ed philosophy class. This is 16 credits total, which I normally would not worry about, but several people have advised that taking human physiology and genetics together is...
  3. Belgianmedicalstudent

    Lower workload for medical residents

    If all goes well, next year I will obtain my M.D. in Belgium. Currently, I am struggeling with my future career choices. As in many countries, medical residents in Belgium have a very high workload (officially 60h/w, but often more), and that just seems too much for me. In my opinion, a lower...
  4. C


  5. F

    Fulltime Work & School vs. Medical School.. which is more difficult?

    Hello fellow non-trads!! I've been working nonstop in order to be able to apply to medical school this next round, and have been working full time on top of 3 science classes each semester. I'm wondering if med school will be this time intensive, lighter, or about the same. I feel like either...
  6. F

    ***Undergrad Workload***

    Hello, I'm a 2nd year college student who just decided to Persue dentistry. I've taken a few science class that fulfill the requirements for dental school . Example: Fall 2014 Physics 2B - B Statistics- A Accounting 1B- A Total units - 13 Spring 2015 Bio 1 - A Intro to chemistry- A Medical...
  7. KSUCPMstudent

    All-In-One KSUCPM Thread

    Hello, I am a KSUCPM student who has been selected to serve as a resource for any questions related to KSUCPM. Feel free to inquire about the application process, student life, workload, facilities, professors, or anything else. I will do my best to answer all questions in a honest, thorough...