1. E

    Program-Specific Info / Q's OT Cycle 2019-2020: ECU, VCU, WSSU, MUSC

    I'm starting a thread because I will be applying to OT schools this fall. I was hoping to receive advice from students who have gotten into these schools, their application experience, and perhaps their stats to compare to mine. I would like all the feedback that I can get because I'm scared...
  2. D

    Program-Specific Info / Q's WSSU ot program info

    Hi everyone, I am starting the msot program this fall and was hoping to ask a few questions I am hoping either some recent grads or current students of the program may be able to help with. 1) I am relocating and I am actually planning to live in Charlotte (my wife will work there) Does anyone...
  3. H

    Stats on accepted students into WSSU OT program

    Hi Everyone, I am waiting to hear back from the OT program at WSSU. Is there anyone that has been accepted that could let me know your stats (GPA, GRE, Volunteer hours, etc.)? Thank you!!
  4. A

    Alumni and Current DPT Students at Winston Salem State University

    I recently got accepted into the Winston Salem State University DPT program and was hoping to hear from current students and alumni about their experiences with the program. I would love to hear about everything including interactions with fellow students, the facilities, quality of the...
  5. LetsGetPhysical

    North Carolina DPT interviews (UNC, Duke, Elon, ECU, WSSU)

    Hello All, I want to start a thread directed specifically towards communicating about interview offers and dates for the programs to which I have applied. UNC, Elon, Duke, ECU, and Winston-Salem State. Has anyone received interview invitations to any of these programs? Thank you!
  6. C

    Program-Specific Info / Q's OT Schools that pull from their undergrad programs mainly

    Hi does anyone know if East Carolina or Tennessee State has majority of their class pulled from their pre OT programs? or any school for that matter?