Jun 8, 2018
Hi everyone,

I am starting the msot program this fall and was hoping to ask a few questions I am hoping either some recent grads or current students of the program may be able to help with.

1) I am relocating and I am actually planning to live in Charlotte (my wife will work there) Does anyone have any insight either from experience or by other students who have commuted? Do you have an idea of how many days per week students need to be on campus?
2) is the schedule flexible and do you think it will be possible to ensure I am only on campus for a few days a week but pack those days with my on campus responsibilities? And do you think it is possible to work while completing the program?
3) I have a lot of the vaccines to complete but my second and third doses for some of them will Be after the program begins. Do you think this will be ok as long as I complete them before the fw?

Thanks everyone

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