0-6 Vs Traditional Pharmacy Programs

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Sep 11, 2015
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Hi there,

I am currently a high school senior and am in the process of applying to colleges. My question is, what are the personal advantages and disadvantages from doing a traditional 4+4 program vs doing a 0-6 program?

I made an okay score on the ACT (26), and have a decent GPA (approximately 3.85) so most of the colleges I have applyed or am applying to, I should be accepted. (I know I won't make it into any ivy league or anything :( lol)

I have applied to Belmont University (Nashville, TN) and Palm Beach Atlantic (West Palm Beach, Fl).
Both of these colleges are traditional paths where students get a bachelors in science and then apply to the college of pharmacy (both have colleges of pharmacy).

I found out, I have a chance of being accepted into The University of Rhode Island. It has (to my understanding) a 0-6 pharmacy program.

Long story short, I was pretty much set on Palm Beach Atlantic. It is a christian college (I'm a christian), it has the program I want, and its located in southern Florida on a beach! But now that I know I might be accepted to a 0-6 program, its got me thinking...

What are your opinions on the two programs? Do you think going as a undergraduate, and then as a graduate is a better choice? I know I will enjoy my time in college so truly the 2 years difference doesn't bother me that much. I just want to make sure I get accepted to a pharmacy college. The costs of the different colleges are pretty similar so I am not considering them. Thanks so much for any advice! :)
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