college choice

  1. yaknsneeze

    Undergraduate college decisions - Pre-DO/MM

    Hi there, While I have been on SDN for some time now, this is my first time composing a thread, so bear with me please! As the title suggests, I was hoping to have some help with choosing a college to pursue a pre-DO pathway into medicine. I don't plan to specialize, just serve as a regular...
  2. agentfaithmd

    UH- Clear Lake for Pre-Med Degree

    Hey all: So I'm applying to college right now, and I'm hoping to choose a good college that could support my pre-med studies and acceptance to med school. Does anyone know anything about the University of Houston- Clear Lake? I'm looking at their Biological Sciences program (with a...
  3. W

    Incoming undergrad pre-med deciding school help

    Hi! I'm a current highschool senior trying to decide the best university from my options as someone planning on pursuing pre-med. My options are: - Case Western Reserve University (in-state + scholarship) - Wake Forest University - University of Pittsburgh (small scholarship) - Ohio State...
  4. N

    College choice for B.A. in General Psychology

    I'm currently a high school senior and I've applied to these schools: Rutgers (in-state) NYU (CAS, not Steinhardt) Drexel UDel Temple Lehigh Vassar Lafayette Which one would be best for a B.A. in general psychology? I'm lucky enough to have parents who can easily afford any of these schools...
  5. A

    Creating a list of colleges

    Hey, I'm currently a junior in high school and I'm getting to the point where I need to start making a list of colleges to apply to but I'm stuck. I don't really know where to start and I need some advice. I'm interested in dentistry so I'm looking at schools that have dental programs or dental...
  6. S

    UMich vs NYU

    Hey guys! I'm a HS senior trying to decide between University of Michigan and NYU, and am planning on doing the pre-med track. I've heard that UMich is generally superior for the sciences, but to be honest I'm personally leaning towards NYU for the city and overall atmosphere. I'm super...
  7. O

    Have you heard of a UCF or UNF student getting into a top tier med school? Will they hurt my chances

    Hey guys. I am currently trying to finalize my undergrad college decisions. I have received several acceptances to fairly decent universities (UCF, UNF, UPitt, VTech, PennSt), but have been unable to make a choice. Pitt, Penn State, and Virginia Tech are obviously far superior academically than...
  8. A

    0-6 Vs Traditional Pharmacy Programs

    Hi there, I am currently a high school senior and am in the process of applying to colleges. My question is, what are the personal advantages and disadvantages from doing a traditional 4+4 program vs doing a 0-6 program? I made an okay score on the ACT (26), and have a decent GPA...