1. M

    Temple Pharmacy class of 2025 alternate list

    I was put into the "alternate" list after the interview for the Temple Pharmacy program. I emailed Hankins for an update but she only told me "your current status as alternate remains". I feel really anxious. What are the chances to get in? Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. W

    Washington State University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

    There are no breaks from exams throughout the semester. All four exams are on a SINGLE DAY on Mondays and there are a full day of classes the next day. Most pharmacy schools have their therapy, pharmaceutics, and physiology finals spread throughout the week, but not here. With Spring Break...
  3. AsianNotBsian

    UNC-Chapel Hill vs UCSF

    Does anyone have any thoughts on UNC-Chapel Hill vs UCSF? They’re my top two that I’m trying to start deciding between just in case, as I’ve been accepted to one and have an interview coming up with the other. I know some main differences I’ve seen are cost of living, rotation locations, and...
  4. J

    For Sale selling Dr.Collins PCAT Prep 2020 materials

    Selling the entire 2020 updated version of Dr. Collins PCAT Prep materials for $100. this includes all the review material, and all the practice tests as well. some of the packets have very minor creasing and markings. Ended up getting a 92nd percentile on the test this year, and these...
  5. L

    UT Austin College of Pharmacy: Why is there an extra LITERATURE pre req?

    So apparently if you want to go to UT Austin COP you have to take an extra literature class outside of the core requirement even if you have a bachelors degree? Michigan State, UNC Chapel Hill, UM twin cities, UCSF (All of which are ranked HIGHER than UTA) dont require this as a pre req. TAMU...
  6. B

    Lipscomb vs. Belmont Pharmacy

    I know that both schools were overall and their pharmacy schools were established around the same time. Both their Naplex pass rates are very close with Lipscomb at ~91% and Belmont at ~93% as of 2018. A lot of the threads I see comparing Lipscomb to Belmont pharmacy were nearly 10 years ago...
  7. B

    Class of 2024 anyone receive interview invites yet?

    Has anyone received any interview invites thus far and have their interviews scheduled yet? I submitted all my stuff in on 07/31/2019 Coursework verified 08/05/2019 Applied regular admissions, no early decision (ED) Applied to 7 schools (Lipscomb, Belmont, MCPHS-New Hampshire, LECOM-B, LECOM-E...
  8. D

    My chance of getting accepted into Pharmacy School

    I am an 18-year-old who is currently applying for a few pharmacy schools in Texas (UT Austin, Texas A&M, UHouston, and Texas Tech). I'm so nervous about admissions and was wondering if I should apply for more schools in case I got denied. Here are my stats: - I'm graduating with my Bachelor of...
  9. M

    Anyone taking PCAT July 2019? Have you started PharmCAS/personal statement?

    With studying for the past month or so for the July 12, 2019 PCAT, I haven't done anything for PharmCAS or started my personal statement. I emailed a professor about a LOR but she hasn't gotten back to me, and I figured I'd tell my pharmacist at work about doing it after the exam as well. My...
  10. W


  11. BC_89

    Forum Members Pharmacy Job Market and Financials Subforum - Feedback Needed!

    A lot of comments and suggestions over the past few weeks have reached our attention concerning the mega-thread merge of the Pharmacy Job Market. Due to multiple subtopics integrated in what has been said as a non-clear lay-out thread, myself and @Saisri_PharmStdnt (with discussion with admins...
  12. BC_89

    How to Attend Pharmacy School with little to no debt?

    Note: TLDR at the end: This has been discussed with a high constant flow of "it cant be done" to "sign up for loan forgiveness and pay minimum for 20+ years." I'd like to open this discussion up with my own experience as to how I'm getting pharmacy school and cost of living covered at no cost...
  13. A

    I listed lab and lecture combined classes on PharmCAS

    I listed biology and human and anatomy classes as lab and lecture combined classes on PharmCAS and I made sure on everything before I completed the finalization. But when I downloaded my application flies to schools I applied for, these classes are shown as lecture-only classes. I don't know...
  14. L

    Writing in pharmacy school

    I’m currently writing a paper for an English class I’m in and am having a hard time finding answers to these questions; What types of writing have you done for pharmacy school? How have previous college courses prepared you for writing in your major? Have there been any unexpected writing...
  15. R

    Pharmacy, PT, or OT?? help a poor confused soul

    Please help me I am really confused. I am into my junior year of college and I am still not sure which healthcare career I want to pursue. I worked as a pharmacy technician in retail and had a horrible boss who verbally assaulted me which contributed to me hating the experience. Also when I...
  16. A

    If I choose "no score" option on Pcat, do I have to enter my Pcat CID ?

    Hi All. I plan to choose "no score" option on my upcoming Pcat test, and I already listed recipient schools when I registered for Pcat. So, do I have to enter my Pcat CID into my PharmCAS application after I take the test?
  17. A

    How to improve CR section for PCAT

    I just took my first full length exam, and I got a 413 (74th percentile). I'm hoping this will increase as I continue studying, as my exam is in the second week of September. My CR score is bringing my composite score down. For the CR section, I got a 406 (62nd percentile). According to my...
  18. alwaysstaypositive

    Letter of Recommendation advice

    Hello SDN community, What are some tips you can give from your experiences to a pre-pharmacy student looking to earn a letter of recommendation from science professors? What are some tips you can give from your experiences to a pharmacy technician looking to earn a letter of recommendation...
  19. S

    Chances of Getting accepted to Pharmacy School?

    Hello, I'm currently preparing myself for applications for Pharmacy School. As a graduating senior I'm a bit worried about my chances of being accepted to a program. Some Stats about myself: Bachelors of Science- Biochemistry Bachelors of Science- Microbiology/Biomedical Laboratory Sciences...
  20. T

    Chances of Pharmacy School?

    Hey everyone, Right now I'm trying to go for the 2-year prerequisites and then apply to pharmacy schools around me. I was wondering what I should do/need to do to better my chances of getting into the school of my choice. I want to apply to UNT, Tech, UT, and UT Tyler pharmacy colleges. Also...
  21. D

    Pre-Pharmacy 2023 UofT

    Good Afternoon Folks, I have a 3.39 cGPA. I've only done 3 semesters in university. In my first 2 two semesters I had a 3.94 GPA. Basically I have a few more courses I need like ORGO 1 and 2 as well as thermodynamics so that I can apply to pharmacy school. I'm hoping to get into Leslie Dan...
  22. T

    Loan for Canadian student studying pharmacy in US?

    Hello guys, I am a Canadian student and I am going to study pharmacy in the US. My plan is to study and work in the US after graduation. I have several questions regarding loans. My expenses for pharmacy school will either be: a) 55K USD (with living) * 4 years = 220,000 USD b) 75K USD (with...
  23. P

    Hello! Please help me I have a question for pharmacy-tech-study

    Hello! I'm pre-pharmacy student and also preparing pharm tech for experiences. I heard that site of pharmacy-tech-study is good to study so I am studying with that. If I memorize just Law, Math, Prescription, abbreviation, dosage forms of that site and also top 100 drugs, could I pass...
  24. I

    University of Arizona c/o 2022

    University of Arizona Pharmacy c/o 2022 Just wanted to start this thread for the class of 2022. How many people have had interviews? Is the class size really going to 160?
  25. P

    D'Youville College of Pharmacy class of 2022

    Hey, I recently got accepted into D'Youville College of Pharmacy for August 2018, anyone have interviews or have been accepted already??
  26. Alakazana

    2017 Dr. Collins

    Hello everyone! I am selling my 2017 version of Dr. Collins. It was purchased from the website this June & has very minimal writing, if any at all. Because I have been scammed before, this transaction will only take place through PayPal w/fees & tracking+insurance will be provided. I am asking...
  27. J

    Hot Topics in Pharmacy

    Does anyone know of hot topics going on in the pharmacy world? I'm sure this thread would benefit all prepharm student with their interviews.
  28. A

    Chances of a Canadian Student?

    Hey guys, I'm applying from a Canadian university and was just wondering what my chances were with the following stats: GPA: 3.0 (upward trend) PCAT: 70th (without taking Orgo I/II, Physiology, Anatomy, Biochem, Microbio) Pharmacy experience: 500 hours Other healthcare experience: 200 hours...
  29. C

    Has anyone heard about early decision interviews yet?

    Hi everyone! I am applying early decision for fall 2018. Has anyone heard back from schools yet about interviews? I know the deadline for the application was just last week, but since we have to know by October 20th, I'm hoping interview invites will come out soon.
  30. C

    PCAT issues with PharmCAS??

    Hi everyone, Is anyone having trouble with their PCAT scores appearing in PharmCAS? I took the test in July. My official scores only show when I download the PDF version of the application. However, the written section is blank. Also, when I go to the 'check status' tab of the application, it...
  31. C

    PCAT posted to PharmCAS??

    Hi everyone. I took my PCAT on July 19. My official score is not posted on PharmCAS yet. Is anyone else's posted on PharmCAS?? If so, do you know when it was posted? and how were you notified?
  32. F

    Why all the negative talk about pharmacy?

    I read many threads before posting this and i'm seeing all these people talking really badly and some disrespectfully about pharmacy, jobs etc. YES. I know that there are too many pharmacists in this world and that the job market is saturated but that's just like any other field. (at least in my...
  33. M

    Am I competitive enough for a top 25 pharm school?

    Hi, I know a lot of people post this, but I'm curious as well to know how competitive my stats are. I'm looking to get into (at least) a top 25 school. Probably UTHSC or even better if possible. I have a 3.8 overall GPA (Biology major) I got an 86 on the PCAT with a 92 on the chemistry section...
  34. P

    Personal Statement PharmCAS

    what does it mean exactly by "Do NOT personalize your essay for a particular pharmacy degree program" in the PharmCAS personal statement? Im wondering because in my personal essay I wanted to talk about how I wanted to be a Research Pharmacist but Im not sure if that is something I should not...
  35. D

    Pre-req Question

    So I guess I am getting a little lost in the weeds in terms of the requirements to apply to a PharmD program. I recently (December 2016) graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry, which covers all the pre-reqs for pharmacy except microbiology. I had not planned on going this route, but after working...
  36. S

    Help!! Skipping the first day of class

    I would really like some advice on this! I am an incoming P1 student and I am considering skipping the first day of class. I have this huge family reunion I planned to go to and would have to miss the first day of class. I already booked the tickets and everything and emailed one of the peer...
  37. TaffyTaffy

    For Sale FOR SALE - PCAT Dr. Collins 2017

    I'm selling the Dr. Collins PCAT 2017 version. Brand new, no markings. $280 (including shipping). Payment through Paypal or if you're in the Orange County, CA area we can meet up as well. For pictures and questions, send me a message or you can also email me at [email protected].
  38. I

    Medical scribe for pre-pharmacy?

    Hi everyone, this is my first time in the SDN forums. I've heard about the medical scribe jobs and I recently found a job opening near where I live and it sounded interesting. I'll be a junior at St.Louis College of Pharmacy (7 year program) and I was wondering if it is worth doing the job for...
  39. N

    My Chances of getting into Pharmacy School

    Hello, I am about to be a junior in college majoring in Chemistry. This past semester I failed organic chemistry 2 and I feel like my life is about to be in shambles. I will not be applying for pharm school until my senior year. I volunteer a lot and work 2 jobs during the semester. I recently...
  40. F

    Selling Dr.Collins PCAT and Kaplan Material

    I'm selling Dr. Collins material & Kaplan book with notecards as well. It's the updated 2015 version. The material helped me to increase my scores 50+. Message me if you're interested!