1 month to go - need science passages

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Jul 10, 2016
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I'm aiming for 510+

I have one month to my test date, and I need to drastically increase my P/S and B/B sections. I am doing CARS and Psych with my eyes closed (~130 on all practice tests) but getting below average scores on the science and math (AAMC Sample: 60% which equals ~124, Next Step 126).

What is my best avenue to improve these scores? I don't want to waste any time on content review unless it's badly needed. How much could I see scores improve as I do 2+ FL a week? Are they highly indicative of the overall material or will they be totally different each time? I'm already noticing some patterns for high yield deficits studying (AA questions for one, Michaelis-Menton, memorizing organic chemistry groups)

I learn better from getting problems wrong than from reviewing books - they are too dry. How good are practice problem packs for improving knowledge of the bulk of the science material? Should I just keep going with FL and using them to learn or should I target P/S and B/B more specifically with lots of passages? If the latter, what is a good resource?

I still have NS exams 3-6 to get through, plus the 2 scored AAMC exams, and lots of standalone practice problems.

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Do you mean C/P?

Get the question pack and section bank (save the SB for 1-2 weeks before the test day).

Q pack helps w/ content, section bank helps with the passages
C/P is what I meant, my bad. Thanks. It looks like I already have the official stuff. Hopefully I see the improvement I'm looking for. I saw that a really high scorer made flashcards from all of the questions he would get wrong so that's going to be my strategy (with passage-based that would translate into the critical factoid I was missing, if applicable).