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Jul 23, 2014
Currently my MCAT is scheduled for September 23rd. I have been studying for around four months and my practice test scores (from Kaplan) are Diagnostic: 493 FL1: 499 FL2: 505 FL3: 507. During my last month I want to focus on memorizing those hard to remember contents and also go over my weak points and make sure I have covered everything in the AAMC outlines. I also plan to do a lot of full length section practice and full length exam-like practice. I really want to be studying 8 hours a day or more as I am currently studying six hours a day.

That being said, my junior year starts on August 24th, a month before the MCAT. I have the option of taking 12 hours but so far I am signed up for 15. If I take 12 hours I can still graduate senior year pretty easily but in order to finish my Sociology minor I will probably have to take a summer class or just add on more hours my Senior year. I'm trying to decide whether to take 12 hours to have more time in my last month to study and potentially reach a higher score than if I took one more class. I'm also afraid of burning out because I know it will get harder to manage school, work, and MCAT prep once the semester starts.

So far my pros for 12 hours are:
More time to study from August 24th-September 23rd for the MCAT
More time to allocate to shadowing and exploring on campus research
Easier to avoid burn out and get some good sleep
Easier to maintain a 4.0 GPA to possibly apply with a 3.9-4.0 depending on my second semester success.

The MCAT prep only lasts for a month into the school year so I'll be spending 2/3 of the semester with a lighter schedule even though I know I could do more.
More time crunched to minor

My schedule currently is: Biochemistry 1 (4), Immigrants (3), Anatomy Physiology 2 (4), Medical Terminology (1), and Bio 1 TA (3). I am also going to be involved in a lot of student organizations and I work 9 hours a week and volunteer 4-8 hours a week. If I drop a class it will be the class over immigrants.

SDN community, what would you do if you were in my situation? I would really like some insight over this since I'm so conflicted over what to do. Thanks!

Note: I also posted this in the pre-med forum since I didn't know how to access the MCAT discussion forum sorry for double posting!


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Jul 1, 2015
I'm assuming the Immigrants class counts towards your Sociology minor? If not, drop it. If so, take it during the Summer.

I would definitely go for a lighter schedule. Good luck!
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