GRE score percentile

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Mar 7, 2022
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So I recently took the GRE and thought my score was somewhat decent:
V- 159
AWA- 4.0

The problem is the percentile for my quantitative in below 50th percentile (43rd percentile). Should I retake based on this? And if I don't retake, would it not make sense to apply to a school that said they are looking for at least 50th percentile for both V and Q? Do schools typically take more the percentile or the actual score into consideration? Thanks in advance!

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I would not apply if you don't meet that requirement. If is says something like "ideally your score would be 50th percentile and above" then you could cause that is not a hard stop. But otherwise you will just be immediately cut from the application pool if it is a hard requirement.
Agreed with the above.