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Jul 7, 2015
Psychology Student
Hey everyone! I'm currently doing a summer internship for research and could really use some help.

Anyone who has one or more psychological conditions (depression, any form of anxiety, PTSD, OCD, etc) can take this one.

Anyone who is non-heterosexual can take this one : for this, please note when you get to the section that says "select all that apply to you", if you are a trans identified individual, please select the trans box and the box that you feel best represents your sexual orientation. The purpose for this is to assess your membership in the LGBT community - it is not being presented as a sexual orientation. Then for gender you can select Other or leave it blank. Also, if you are pan/demi/ace/etc, for this section, please select Other as I was unable to create a box for each individual sexuality.

The dates on the study are valid until August 31 and IRB information is attached in the survey as part of the Consent Form.

Thank you all so much!