2 nights too long to stay with student host?

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Jul 15, 2002
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Hello all-

I have a Tuesday interview and after searching all airfares, leaving Saturday will be the cheapest ($198) vs leaving Sunday/Monday ($285). A difference of $87.

If I leave Saturday, I have to stay 3 nights.

Is it safe to say that 3 nights is overstaying your welcome? What about 2 nights? Probably pushing it? I haven't contacted my hosts yet by the way.

Perhaps I can use that $87 saved to stay 2 nights in the cheapest motel I can find and spend 1 night with a host.

Any thoughts?

Thanks again,

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I personally don't think that two nights is out of line. Three nights, however, might be pushing it.
You could try to see if another student would take you for a night so you don't run the risk of imposing on any one student.
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no harm in asking - especially if the student seems happy to host you for one night, go for it! it probably happens pretty frequently, so don't sweat about asking them. it might give you an even better picture of the school to stay 2 nights and go out with them the night after your ivw. good luck!
Our Student Host program has M0s (aka, interviewees) stay for 3 nights all the time. There are very few people who like to host for more than 2 nights, unless of course they are in need of the extra $.
for my wake forest stay, i e-mailed my host and said, i'm going to be here tue and wed, which night will be better for me to stay with you, i'll get a hotel the other night. she replied with, feel free to stay here both nights. so, when you get your host contact info, just say something like that and see how they reply.
bring one bottle of wine for each night you stay.
when i interviewed at Miami, i stayed with 2 first-years for 2 nights...i wanted to explore the city before a Monday interview. they were so nice about it. fortunately, they did not have an exam that monday so they were free all weekend to entertain me. i made sure to let them know that i had things to do like read a book to keep myself busy so that they were not concerned about entertaining me. good luck on your interview!:D
i stayed with hosts for 4 nights while at ucsf ... they were cool about it and really entertained me:)
I think two nights is probably ok- ask your host to see if it's ok. Otherwise, contact other hosts. I went to 3 interviews over the course of a week and stayed with 5 hosts, each for one night (plus one night in a hotel, and one with a friend). I thought it was great staying with two different hosts from one school because you get two different perspectives. Just my 2 cents. :)