2nd Bachelors degree

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Nov 19, 2008
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Hi- So, this is a bit of an unusual question. I was looking at my transcripts a while ago and realized I may have enough credits to apply them towards a second bachelor's degree in biology. My first degree is in business (many moons ago), and has a lower GPA. I was wondering if I could consider the second degree my primary degree on the app, since it has more relevance to what I'd be doing in vet school. Or would the ad coms raise an eyebrow and throw my app in the round filing bin? Does anyone else have experience with 2 bachelor's degrees? I'm mainly considering getting the 2nd degree to legitimize my poor pre-req orphans... ;).

Thanks for the advice!

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I'm kind of in the same boat as you. My pre-reqs/GPA in my current degree are really bad. So I will probably be taking a 2nd/after degree to up my GPA.

I'm not too sure, but maybe your 2nd degree can count as your "primary" degree. But from what I understand, ALL of your classes taken at ALL post secondary schools are used to calculate your cGPA. I think if the classes were taken years ago (something like 8-10 years ago) that they may not count anymore… but it varies per school - you should contact them if that's the case.

I think that getting a 2nd degree is NOT a bad thing, it shows your commitment to getting into vet med, especially if your grades have an upward trend! I believe the admins will look at that in a positive way!
The only thing that matters for "primary" school is to list it on VMCAS and to list your GPA at your primary school. You will have all your transcripts sent and the schools will re-calculate various GPAs (last 45, overall, science/pre-req) themselves.

The VMCAS app discusses the primary school as one that is either where you got your degree, most recent degree, or relevant coursework (prereqs). It is up to you to decide which school is "primary."

Personally I used the school where I took the GPA from my most recent coursework that was used to fulfill prereqs which was significantly higher than my undergrad GPA. Was NOT even brought up at any my interviews (and received interviews at all the schools I applied). Don't think it is an issue. There is another thread discussing this issue a couple of months ago if you would like to see some other opinions.
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I'm also pursing a 2nd Bachelor's degree. I was a biology major 'way back when' and then changed majors and graduated with a separate degree. Since I had two years of bio classes, I don't have a lot left to complete for the 2nd degree. I am still at a crossroads as to whether to do the 2nd bachelor's degree or put my $$ and 15 more credits toward a more useful master's degree. Definitely something to think about.