May 13, 2012
I am a student in Canada, currently working towards my Canadian permanent residency. (I hold Korean citizenship).

I have yet to have taken the MCAT and plan to do so this year.

1st yr - 3.75/4.00 (In an American school that gave out 4 credits per course, 40 credits total)

2nd yr 3.38/4.00

3rd yr 3.49

4th yr (current - aimed to get above 3.75)

I have higher than average research experience throughout my undergraduate years and I currently hold two publications (being the first author in one of them). I have pretty good EC (club activity, leadership, volunteer etc).

I will appreciate any advice on making my school list. (please note that I am international).

Thanks a lot!


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Jul 22, 2011
Medical Student
It would be hard to determine a school list for you without an MCAT score, and you probably already know which schools will accept international students anyway. That being said your GPA is on the low side for MD admissions, especially as an international student. You will have to do very well on the MCAT (>37+) to have a decent shot at admissions here. Your research experience is very solid, and I think that if you do very well on the MCAT, you'll be able to garner an acceptance at a US school.