MD & DO 3.67 cGPA, 3.52 sGPA, 28 MCAT

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May 20, 2014
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Hey everybody,

I just recently graduated from a decently regarded southern university with a BS in Biology. I received my MCAT scores which were: 9 BS, 9 PS, and 10 V. I have 100-150 hours of volunteer work and have shadowed both an MD and DO. The area in which I fall short is research experience. I was hopeful that someone could help me with compiling a list of reasonable schools to apply to. I know I have a better chance with DO, but was not sure if my numbers were good enough for any MD schools. I would prefer to stay around the Mid-South. Thanks for the help!

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Your state school
other low-tiers whose 10%ile for MCAT is >27
Any DO program.
The 28 MCAT is circling the drain for MD schools. Lack of research doesn't help either for them.