May 4, 2016
My GPAs are 3.7 overall and 3.6 science. My MCAT is 513 and my extracurriculars are below. I know I am an average run of the mill applicant but what really are my chances of getting into medical school the first time I apply with these stats. Also, what do you guys think I can do to improve my extracurriculars/What seem to be my biggest weaknesses that I could work on if I did take a gap year.

  1. Shadowing-All during Junior year 80 hours over 3 doctors
  2. Non Profit Volunteering for Kids with life threatening diseases(150 hours fresh-junior year)
  3. Student Government Leadership Position(Sophomore-Junior Year)
  4. Pre-Med Fraternity Non-Clinical Volunteering(180 hours Sophomore-Junior year)
  5. Volunteering at School Hospital(125 hours over Sophomore-Junior year)
  6. Research Volunteer in Neuroscience Lab(Sophomore-Junior year about 15 hours a week)
  7. religious student organization(Freshman-Junior year Leadership-historian- About 4 hours a week)
  8. 3 years leading a sports team I am extremely passionate about( Spend at least 15-20 hours a week just for this club and definitely one of my most memorable experiences)
  9. Volunteer in a homeless shelter(Only Junior year approx 80 hours)
  10. Volunteer at a Hospice(Only Junior year for approx 80-100 hours)
  11. Summer job between junior and senior year)
  12. Awards- Deans list and small related awards

Thank you all in advance


2+ Year Member
May 5, 2015
In most states you're a pretty solid candidate for your state school(which state are you)
Your app is fairly standard, there's no reason you can't be successful with a solid list and well written app if you can interview reasonably.