Aug 23, 2016
Hello SDN forums! I'm a 24 year old white male living in Arizona (would be considered in-state Arizona) looking for some advice regarding this current application cycle. As the title mentions my stats are as follows:

Overall GPA: 3.7
Science GPA: 3.66
MCAT (7/22): 505 C/P: 125 CARS: 125 B/B: 128 P/S: 127

My ECs are as follows:
4 years as a classroom volunteer (npn-clinical) 500+ hours
3 years as a VA volunteer (non-clinical) 300+ hours
2 years as a hospital volunteer working with children (clinical) 250 hours
1 year doing research (no publications but did get a very nice LOR) 300 hours
Honor Flight guardian

This was my first time taking the MCAT and I'm open to taking it again probably not until January or so since I want to make sure I can improve by like 5+ points or so. I'm wondering, since getting this score back was kind of a shock, if its worth it to continue on in this application cycle as in submitting secondaries to other schools. My school list is as follows and the majority of them I haven't sent my application to yet, is it even worth it at this point?

U of AZ Tucson
U of AZ Phoenix
Western Michigan University
Rosalind Franklin
MCW- Milwaukee
MCW- Green Bay
MCW- Central Wisconsin
Jefferson Medical College
Oakland University
University of Central Florida

If I'm at least semi-competitive this cycle (MCAT is definitely my Achilles heel) should I add more to this list? Kind of lost on what to do next as I really hoped I'd be competitive for this cycle. I've got nearly all my LORs in so really the only thing I'd have to do is submit the primaries and polish the secondary essays I've been writing in preparation. Thanks in advance I really appreciate any sort of guidance/advice you guys have.


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Sep 15, 2012
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You can delete Tufts, Einstein, Hofstra and Central Florida with your MCAT. Consider adding these schools:
You are a good candidate for DO schools so apply to at least 6 and you should receive interviews. You have AZCOM and ATSU-SOMA in Arizona. You may need a DO LOR for some schools.