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Jun 10, 2010
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By January/February you will probably have been rejected by every MD school, or your app is at the bottom of the pile. And at that time, i'll wager that nearly all IIs have been sent out. Ditto for DO schools. At best, you're be interviewing for a spot on a wait list. These school will appreciate your donation, though.

Retake but ONLY if you fully prepared. Then apply in the next app cycle.

You will need to improve substantially. And keep in mind that we're talking about a career-deciding, high stakes exam...approaching it like you did make Adcoms wary of people who make poor choices. I have colleagues who would reject you alone for that.
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May 1, 2015
I guess ill just apply to lower tier DO schools and see what happens and study for a retake and apply again next cycle @Goro .

Anyone else????
Something to think about, though, is that it's usually better to be a first time applicant versus a re-applicant. Since @Goro is somewhat dissuading DO right now, I'd suggest just waiting and reapplying next cycle once you can retake. I know it sucks to wait but it'll probably be best for you in the long run.
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Jul 14, 2005
You do realize your MCAT is around a 22 on the old scale right? Since Goro is on the ADCOM at a DO school you should probably follow his advice. Why be a re applicant next year. Your GPAs are great. Get a good score on a retake and maybe you could apply for MD and DO and be successful.