3 AAMC Tests left Test is August 14th Scores are bad. Depressed. What to do?


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Jul 7, 2006
So today I took my 5th AAMC yes 5th test and got a 25 on it :confused: I'm feeling really depressed about it as I feel like I know all of the content for the most part I have been studying for about 3 months and have been doing well on the AAMC's as I've retaken them (although I have not done well on a fresh one) What should I do guys? My test is in less than a month should I do Princeton tests right now and do one AAMC every week or should I go back to content review I really feel depressed and am at one of the lowest points in my life I REALLY need some guidance thanks
Jun 20, 2009
Try this: When you take up the AAMC go over every single question. Find out why each answer is correct and why each answer is incorrect. Then compare your reasoning. Did you arrive at the answers like the test makers? By finding out the correct reasoning you will start to think like the test makers. By knowing the wrong answers you will learn the traps and be weary of them in the future. This way you can tap into the way the test is written. Of course this requires massive time commitment. I know one person who did this. It would take them two full days, approximately 8 hours to do physical and biological each. They gained tremendously form it. I would also recommend kaplan solutions for AAMC 3-10 along with AAMCs official solutions. By looking into multiple solutions you will gain different strategies on how to do problems quicker.

PM me if you need the Kaplan solutions.


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Jun 17, 2009
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The above poster is totally right, and the Kaplan explanations might help you (b/c the AAMC ones can be short). You can do this -- don't give up.. just keep pushing through and working through your weaknesses!


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Apr 22, 2009
ok first of all stop stressing out. i know this is hard to do but it is one of the most counterproductive things you are doing right now. you have got plenty of time before your exam to patch things up providing you use your time efficiently.

i was in the same boat as you. then i literally combed through each aamc i had taken (both right and wrong answers) and for ANYTHING i was remotely unsure of...i wrote down an explanation for (went back to text books etc) until i felt like i knew all there was to know about said topic.

it may be the fact that feeling i knew a lot more than before boosted my confidence, or it could have been that i really did improve knowledge but my scores started shooting up (averaging 3 point increase in all sections).

stay away from whatever aamcs you have left because they are the best gauge of how you will do. take the princetons (they close to mimic aamc) but keep in mind some people find them much harder...so a lower score doesnt mean youre not doing well.

make notes for EVERYTHING you are weak in. review them every day. ummm...........and chill out. its going to be okay.

honestly, i think the authours of the mcat just sit there in glee knowing how much we freak out about the test. if we just learn to control our nerves, we can do so much better and beat them out of their silly mind games.