Took the AAMC sample test: looking for approximate score & advice (2 months left until test date)

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Jan 2, 2022
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I took the AAMC sample test (unscored) and here are my subsection scorings.

C/P 63% 37/59
CARS 85% 45/53
B/B 73% 43/59
P/S 75% 44/59

C/P Overall felt like for C/P I had quite a few content gaps & I usually do better on C/P questions.
CARS Heard unscored CARS is a lot easier than rest of AAMC FLs so not sure how accurate this is.
B/B Felt okay.
P/S Again, just have some content gaps.

I already did 1/2 rounds of content review with the kaplan books and minimal supplementary material. My goal score is a 515 and it feels very much out of reach. I just started uworld (did like 50 questions so far) and have yet to start aamc qbanks. Going to fill in content gaps with khan academy videos and going through the AAMC outline extensively.

Is a 515 feasible if I have 2 months left to study? How much content review vs. actual qbank practice should I do? Just feeling discouraged by this sample even though all I completed was content review :(

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This is a decent start, don't get discouraged! You can easily find some sample test score converters with a quick Google search. Looks like your score is 505+, but go do the conversion yourself. I think getting up to 515 is achievable within 2 months. A lot of MCAT success is in practising questions, so UWorld and the qbanks are great, and it's good that you're already starting on them. (UWorld CARS is lower-yield IMO, so prioritise the AAMC question banks for that.)

I think going forward, do questions -> fill content gaps in a focused way -> do targeted questions to reinforce the filled gaps, rinse and repeat. At the same time, space out your AAMC FL tests over the next 8 weeks. Maybe every 2 weeks to start (so you are doing more practice questions and addressing remaining content gaps) and then every week towards the end (so your last few weeks will be predominantly AAMC FL-style questions). After each test make sure to take note of what you missed, and again fill any content gaps strategically and follow with targeted practice.

Personally I started every study session by trying to draw out all the amino acid structures; can't remember how useful this really was for the exam, but over time it really encouraged me to see this evidence, in a small way, that I can learn something if I put the effort in.