4th year away electives

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Jan 6, 2005
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I am thinking about applying for radiation oncology, and have been debating what to do about my away electives. Do most people do a rotation in their home hospitals first? We have a rotation within our system, but it is not associated with a residency program. Is this a poor use of time, since there is no "big name" academic there to write a recommendation?

Anyone want to share how they set up their fourth year?


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Thanks, Steph...I am definitely going to do an away rotation or two. I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to do one at a "home" hospital that does not have a residency program first. Should I have some hands-on experience before scheduling an away rotation at a residency I am interested in? Or, do most people just do some reading beforehand and have their first practical rad one experience at a place where they want to attend? An old link said to rotate within your system if it has a "second tier residency" before heading out to an MDACC or MSKCC, but that isn't an option with my medical school. Any thoughts? I hope I make some sense to somebody out there!
There's something to be said for being "versed" in radonc prior to going to a place to show off. ONe question is, as an american student, do rotations in non-acgme programs count (they dont for we IMGs so im just asking). Anyway just make sure you get the away elective in before interview go out for residency. No use in rotating after the fact!