4th year Electives Advice Needed, Please

Discussion in 'Ophthalmology: Eye Physicians & Surgeons' started by baya, May 29, 2008.

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    I have a electives scheduling dilemma, which I need to resolve today, so any advice is welcome.

    I'm a med student, getting ready to apply in ophtho this year.

    I'm currently on a research rotation for the month of June, and expect to get a letter from my mentor, who I've also worked with clinically. He's a "big-wig" in his field, and we're at a big-name school for ophtho, so that's great.

    But I need a second ophtho letter (according to some but not all people), right? Someone at my school suggested a particular guy to try to work with. Not necessarily "big-wig", but supposed to be a great guy, so here's hoping he would write a great letter.

    Thing is, if I work with him in July, he'll only be here for 2 weeks, and he only works 3 half-days a week in clinic, which just ain't much basis for a strong letter, ya know? And if I post-pone 'til August, that's getting a little late to ask for a letter with any time for him to write it and still get my application turned in in a timely manner.

    So, please advise. Should I:
    a) Work with him in July even though it'll be a measely 6 half-days of working together.
    b) Work with him in August and ask him to write quickly, and try get my application in by early September.
    c) Stop trying to get a second ophtho letter and do some other rotation that I'll never get a chance to do again.
    d) Find a different ophthalmologist to work with in July.

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    I got a letter in late august (due to certain circumstances) and still had my application ready by the "suggested" deadline of Sept 5. There is no REAL deadline for the application (other than the program specific ones) so that might work for you. Additionally, it could never hurt to try to work with someone else instead if the former idea makes you uncomfortable. Good luck to you!

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