5R and 6R question

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May 6, 2004
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Before the April MCAT i took TPR and sat for both 5R and 6R. Do you think it would hurt to order those two exams again from AAMC and retake them. I'm just in a bind because I want to know if I'm improving or not. Thanks!!

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Take 5R now if you REALLY want to and save 6R for later (a week before the real thing). You might also want to consider getting 7.

Also, since you took them already, there might be a slight chance that you remember the answers. I don't know about you but I tend to remember the ones that I got wrong so it probably wouldn't be too effective on me. Final answer: get 7.
If you can, take AAMC 7, 3R, and 4R if you haven't already. If you plan on taking 5R and 6R again, realize that your scores may be a bit higher than your potential (that is, if you remembered anything).