A little advice regarding prioritizing programs for my interests during FM interviews

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Dec 17, 2018
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Hello, I am interested in purely OP FM, with special interest in sports medicine, global health, and behavioral health. Sports medicine is my strongest interest, and I am focusing on programs with an in house sports medicine fellowship. I value a strong general training, and understand that strong IP training will help with that, although I am still not enthusiastic about IP medicine. Not really interested in OB. Hoping to go somewhere that values resident wellness and has a good culture also.

Some programs I am considering include JPS, UMD, UCSD, Stanford, all Kaisers, Mayo Jacksonville, USF, Mountain Area Health. Any thoughts on if any of these programs don’t fit my interests or are a particullarly good fit?

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Sorry cj_cregg already applied :’(. Thanks VA Hopeful Dr, thats what I’ve heard about Mountain Area Health, and will be interviewing with Self Regional as well. I’m wondering if Mountain Area Health keeps there own for sports fellowship tho as doximity says only 3% go into sports med.

Any more feedback on these programs from anyone appreciated.
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If you value resident wellness and good culture, JPS is not that right fit for you. Residents there were generally nice and receive amazing training, but holy crap they get worked into the ground.