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Apr 9, 2008
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I am currently a biomedical engineering undergraduate student, who is interested in applying to pharmacy school after receiving his degree.

My biomed curriculum satisfies most of the prereq requirements for my preferred pharmacy school (Rutgers). Also, if I take summer courses, I can take the two to three prereqs that are not part of my biomed curriculum. (In other words, I can satisfy all of Rutgers' prereqs)

Would you advise me to also take other pharmacy-related classes such as cellular and molecular bio, genetics, etc (even though they are not required prereqs by my school of choice). If I don't take them, would it affect my chances of getting accepted? What if my PCAT score is in the 90s?? 80s?? 70s??? (Haven't taken them yet, just curious).


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Aug 31, 2006
Alpharetta, GA
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I think it's a good idea to take upper level science courses. From what they told me at interviews, pharmacy school difficulty is similar to that of upper level courses. If you do well in them, then there's a good chance you'll succeed in pharmacy school as well. It also shows that you will go the extra mile instead of just taking the required pre-reqs. Are you only applying to Rutgers though? As for PCAT, make sure you do your best... aim for the 90s! Competition can get pretty stiff at some schools if you don't have a stellar PCAT score.
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