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Medical AACOMAS: What should I do if I have too many experiences & achievements??

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Oct 14, 2011
  1. Academic Administration
Hi, I am a non-traditional applicant to DO programs and am working on figuring out how to reach an optimal number of entries for the experiences and achievements sections.

I did a masters degree and have been working for 3 years, so it has been 5 years since I finished undergrad and I have done quite a bit.

The problem is that if I enter the info from my resume (splitting them between experiences and achievements), I end up 30 experiences and 20 achievements. Is this too much? It's difficult to combine things because of the formatting used to enter experiences and achievements. I don't want schools to get frustrated with the shear volume of entries or get overlooked because I sold myself short.

Any input is valued, thank you!
What are your most important say top 10 of each? Think of yourself as the reviewer: you don't want to read a long application, and chances are if you get one, you'll give it scant attention.
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