AAMC Official Practice Exam Q&A Discussion Threads & Rules of Order

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    Dear MCAT forum members,

    The staff at SDN realizes that the AAMC practice tests are an integral study tool for your MCAT preparation. We understand that it would be highly beneficial for forum members to be able to discuss the questions and answers of the official AAMC practice exams. Thus, we are glad to enact the following rule:

    Discussion of the AAMC practice exams and question content is now permitted in the MCAT Q&A subforum. All new threads regarding the AAMC tests MUST contain "AAMC Test __" in the title. (See below for more information!)

    Rules of Order:

    1) This rule ONLY applies to the PRACTICE exams, NOT to real, administered MCAT exams!!!

    You MAY discuss ONLY:

    You STILL CANNOT discuss any other AAMC administered exam. Discussing the content from a currently administered MCAT exam will still result in an immediate 1 week Post-Hold. Therefore, the original guidelines in this thread still apply.

    2) Remember that you are still not allowed to solicit or request an AAMC official practice exam, answer list, or answer explanations.

    The purpose of these official discussion threads is for there to be a place where people who have purchased the official AAMC exams can help each other to understand the material, not to exchange copyrighted media. Official materials are STILL subject to the SDN copyright policy. Any member that asks for, or offers access to the official AAMC exams, answer list, or explanations will receive a warning or infraction.

    3) Please report threads that contain specific AAMC practice exam material that are not labeled as AAMC questions in their title.

    In order to ensure that the practice fidelity of each AAMC exams is maintained for each MCAT studier, we will make every effort to ensure that AAMC practice test discussion is sequestered to the proper threads. Please help us in this endeavor by reporting stray unlabeled posts that contain specific AAMC material so that a moderator can rename the thread/move the posts appropriately.

    4) Please utilize the official threads created specifically for each AAMC practice exam.

    These threads are located within this forum (MCAT Study Q & A sub-forum) and are accessible via the following links.

    Remember that the AAMC exams are an indispensable resource for self-testing under timed conditions. Accordingly, I'm sure that you or your peers would not appreciate it if you accidentally clicked on a thread and saw the questions or answers to an exam that you have not completed. Thus, out of respect to other members, it is imperative that you post questions about AAMC practice tests only in threads titled with the particular AAMC practice exam that you have questions about.

    We hope that this rule will aid our members in preparing for the MCAT and will ensure that each of you have the best chance possible to do well on test day. Thank you for your attention, and good luck on the MCAT!

    - MCAT Forum Moderators and Assistant Moderators.

    Updated: 4/4/10
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