AAWhy you should always call COM to check on your file

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Aug 5, 2003
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After staring at that evil application status check page, and having my transcripts not be there day after day (they were sent in June), I finally called yesterday to see what was up.

Under my married name, no transcripts. Under my maiden name, all but one- the school that I got my degrees at. I knew I should've changed my last name with those other schools, but I figured they would've catalogued everything by SSN or something.

My married name is a very common name with an uncommon spelling. I begged the girl on the line to check under the common spelling, and after checking, the final and most important transcript showed up in there.

I had a total of three files. The girl at AACOM was very sweet and apologized for the mix-up. She said she remembered creating the file with my proper last name, but doesn't know who did the wrong spelling. She also said my app should get sent out pretty soon.
I'm glad I called to check, but it sure sucks to have such a delay and see all of you getting interviews and such already. I probably should have kept my maiden name, another common name that everyone knows how to spell correctly.


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Jul 1, 2003
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I had a similar problem. Some of the people that wrote letters of recommendation for me hyphenated my two last names and the medical school I applied to had two different files, one for me and another for this other "person" that was really me with a hyphenated last name. I had to convince the admissions person to check the social sec numbers to verify that indeed the files were one and the same. What a mess. With so many applications being submitted, it pays to check just to make sure.