Sep 15, 2015
Hey guys. I am a first year resident who will be taking this exam in a week or so (our residency has all three years taking it so we get practice). For the life of me I cannot find a guide as to what exactly is on this test and what is being tested. I went on the abfas website and looked at the documents and could only find something stating that it was multiple choice and case scenarios. I did the practice test 3 question thing but couldnt find the answer key anywhere.

Can someone kindly link me to a PDF which has information about what exactly I am going to be tested on? Does such a document exist? Thanks!
Sep 14, 2015
All I can tell you is that it is not too hard. If you have an old presby or Hershey manual, That is pretty much the test. Try not to over think the questions. I took the recertification exam 2 years ago, and nothing has changed