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Apr 22, 2007
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So, i am doing qs from one of the popular Qbanks;)

And I have a question about abruptio placentae: 28 week gestation, arrived with pain, pv bleed, 2 cm dilated, stabilised, pv bleeding stopped but the hematoma is increasing. Your management?

I answered: emergency C-section.

They said: labour augmentation and urgent vaginal delivery.

WTF? +pissed+ I am currently in O&G job, and I would have my *** kicked if I did not prep a patient in this scenario for a C-section.

What are your thoughts, US-based guys? I am interested what you would do in the real life, or what you are taught to do in situations like this.

Thank you!


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Jul 15, 2004
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Looking it up in First Aid, for abruption it says that for moderate to severe abruption, you go for immediate delivery and can do vaginal delivery with amniotomy if mother and fetus are stable, or C section if either are in distress. I guess because the question said that they were stabilized, that's why they said to go for vaginal delivery. I'd have gotten that question wrong too.
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