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Feb 22, 2009
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I was wondering if every group (either junior or senior) residents across the country get the same exact absite exam every year or are there different versions of the exam for any given year?
I am curious to know if they curve the exam for a given year or if they use data from previous test takers.


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Jun 6, 2001
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At the time they started the junior/senior exam (1/2006) they had 2 versions of the junior exam and one of the senior exam. This year (2010) I believe they made only 1 version of each. 2011 ABSITE is supposed to be all computerized; I assume that in this version, they will shuffle the question order but everyone will have the same questions.

The exam is curved each year and some questions are thrown out before they score it. Percentiles are done by level of training so you are only compared to other people your same PGY year. [This system is evident by a large number of prelim interns; score percentiles often drop between PGY1 and PGY2 years as there are fewer PGY2 residents in the pool for comparison but a larger percentage of PGY2s who are categoricals.]
Dec 2, 2010
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I understand that the upcoming Janary, 2011 ABSITE will be administered via computer for all surgical programs. In the past, I've studied by looking at the breakdown sheet showing the keywords for questions answered incorrectly and it has helped since many questions are repeated.

1. Would anyone happen to know if there are any other changes to the exam itself?

2. Does the new computer format mean that the questions and/or types of questions will be different as well?

3. Is it possible for them to rewrite an exam with 225 brand new questions or is it safe to assume they may still repeat some of the old questions?

I will be taking the senior ABSITE exam this year. Thank you.