Oct 26, 2010

Is anybody else worried about grades this semester? I'm frustrated that BECAUSE I've gone and interviewed my grades have slipped a bit. I've had to miss 4 days of school for interviews and then all of the traveling just wore me out. I guess it doesn't seem like a lot of class to miss, but heading into finals week, I realize it's affected me more than I originally thought.

I just didn't know if I was the only one with this problem. :scared:
May 25, 2010
Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
I've also missed 4 days of classes because of interviews. I have an interview this Thursday and am having to move some finals around because of it. But, to answer your question, I missed 2 Exercise Phys classes and 2 Physics 1 classes. I ended up with an A in Ex. Phys, but Physics is another story!! Missing those 2 classes hurt me sooo bad on the test that information was over! I even got the notes and went to tutoring, but missing class definitely hurt me! Now I'm studying like crazy for the comprehensive final that is this week! I know for sure I'll pass the class, but its looking like I'll end up with a B instead of an A because I missed so much information when I missed class for interviews! Hoping for the best...!