Accelerated EMT-B course in Maryland?

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Mar 26, 2018
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Hey all. So I am looking to find an accelerated EMT-B course in Maryland. The best I have found are 2 week to 18 day boot camp and accelerated coursed in CT, Ca, MA, NC and so on. I cant find anything for Maryland. Has anyone found accelerated EMT-B courses in Maryland? I've seen some other forums mention them but not in Maryland. Any help appreciated! :)

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I don’t know of any programs in Maryland that are that accelerated. And unless you’re only doing it for the certification to pad your med school apps I wouldn’t recommend it. 18 days is not enough time to mold you into a clinician with any kind of competence.
I run ALS here in MD. We don't have any I am aware of; I know a local CC does a 3 month 4 credit NREMT class.

If you're just checking an application box, your time is better spent on research or volunteering. A few of my interviewers vetted if I actually ran and had commented on how a lot of people use volunteer EMS at low-volume systems to gain "clinical" experience.