1. E

    VMCVM c/o 2029 Applicants

    VMCAS is back! Program-specific materials became available on 5/9/2024 and are due 9/16/2024. Didn't see a thread for this year's applicants to VMCVM and wish everyone the best of luck! I'm very interested to see that they're re-using the "life motto" prompt, they must have liked the answers...
  2. Dr.LivingstoneIpresume?

    UMD Pre-Med Blog (Writers and Readers Wanted!)

    Hi everyone! The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) at the University of Maryland has started a blog for pre-med students! The blog consists of various topics of interests to pre-meds like medical news, famous doctor bios, medicine in film, and many interesting opinion pieces. The...
  3. M

    Temple (OOS) vs. UDM vs. UMD (OOS) vs. UK (OOS)

    In terms of clinical experience, out of Temple, Maryland, Detroit-Mercy, and University of Kentucky which would be at the top and what makes them special? Do they schedule their own patients? Place implants? Have their own chair? Each schools individual requirements? If current dental students...
  4. L

    Renting 2 Bedroom Fully Furnished Apartment in Silver Spring, MD

    Fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment available in Silver Spring, MD for $1,750 month-to-month or longer depending on the tenant. Located just minutes from Rockville and Olney, and a quick 10-minute drive to the Glenmont Metro station. This is a mother-in-law suite attached to a single family...
  5. S


  6. A

    Tulane vs George Washington vs Maryland (In-State)

    Trying to decide between George Washington, Tulane, and Maryland and looking for some input from others. Would be much appreciated! Would be moving with my SO from California, so the quality of where we live matters. Tulane Pros: In an awesome city, great food, culture, weather, would have the...
  7. D

    [HPSP] Maryland (OOS) vs. Tufts

    Hi everyone, I’m trying to decide between Maryland and Tufts. I know most of this thread talks about cost, but I was selected for the HPSP, so the only factor is the cost of living above $2,200 per month. I already put in my deposit for Maryland, but recently interviewed at Tufts. I'm from...
  8. C

    Transfer license to Washington DC/Maryland

    hi! anyone have advice in how to easily transfer license? my understanding is I have to take both the MPJE. coming from california so i never took the MJPE - do i have take it twice for both maryland and then for dc? Or is it there is a general MPJE and hten a subsection for each state? Any...
  9. J

    ECU (IS) vs. Maryland (OOS)

    Hello, I am an NC resident who is in the fortunate problem of picking between dental schools. Right now I am trying to decide between ECU and Maryland. I really loved both schools and I feel like both have pros and cons to going there. With ECU I love their mission to help underserved parts of...
  10. pharmlate

    Maryland MPJE: advice?

    Hi! Any tips on how to study for the Maryland MPJE? Thank you!
  11. J

    University of Maryland OMFS

    Update on Maryland: When I was on the interview trail, it felt like common knowledge that University of Maryland was known for two things: All cancer all the time and being a malignant environment. Having completed my first year of residency at this program, I hope to give you all an accurate...
  12. T

    **Official Maryland Class of 2023 Interview/Acceptance Thread**

    Hey everyone! I don't think there is a thread this cycle for Maryland so I thought I should start one. It seems that some people have begun receiving the supplemental application, including myself. Check your emails and best of luck to everyone! Link to interview prep: University of Maryland...
  13. 2

    Free Clinic Volunteer Opportunities in DC/Maryland/Virginia Area?

    I was wondering if any of you have had any volunteer positions at a free clinic in the DMV area that allowed you to have hands-on experience, such as doing intake for patients? I have not had any luck in finding a clinic and I don't want to get stuck with an administrative position that will end...
  14. guerrero08

    Waitlist Limbo?

    Hi Guys, I have a question, I am in the waitlist for the University of Maryland Dental School (I.S applicant) for the upcoming cycle. As of now, I have called the admissions office a couple times and they told me that the class is not full but somehow I do not see any waitlist movement lately...
  15. shahzam1

    St. Johns Episcopal NY Core Rotations

    Has anyone completed core rotations or electives in the cores at St. Johns Episcopal? What factors do you consider when deciding where to do the cores? I am deciding between this and Prince Georges in MD, California medical Center Los Angeles, Norwalk Hospital in CT. My current thought process...
  16. U

    University of Maryland vs. George Washington (medical school)

    Hello people of SDN! I am deciding between UMSOM and GWU medical schools and am looking for some guidance and more info before I decide. I'm pretty torn (though I'm not asking anyone to pick for me obviously). I'm aiming to compare breadth of clinical experiences/exposure at each school's...
  17. U

    University of Maryland vs. George Washington (medical school)

  18. S

    NYU or Maryland?

    Hello everyone. I'm having a hard time deciding between NYU and UMB. I'm a Maryland resident, so yes large cost difference. However, I don't like Baltimore and if it doesn't negatively affect my education or cripple me with debt in the future, the extra $ may be worth it for me to live the last...
  19. R

    Accelerated EMT-B course in Maryland?

    Hey all. So I am looking to find an accelerated EMT-B course in Maryland. The best I have found are 2 week to 18 day boot camp and accelerated coursed in CT, Ca, MA, NC and so on. I cant find anything for Maryland. Has anyone found accelerated EMT-B courses in Maryland? I've seen some other...
  20. I

    Volunteering/Shadowing Leads in DC/MD/VA

    Hi all, I'm a non-traditional applicant currently working full-time in a non-medical field. I've been having trouble finding doctor's offices or clinics in the DMV area that are open to non-student volunteers who are only available during non-business hours (anytime other than 9am-6pm on...
  21. Pyraeus

    UPenn Vs. Uni of Maryland - HELP!

    Hey Guys! I am grateful to have been accepted to both UMB (Maryland) and Penn because these are both my top choices. I received a $20k/year Dean's Scholarship from Penn, but UMB is my in-state school and much cheaper. I have a hard time to decide between these two. If any students (or...
  22. P

    Florida or Maryland

    Deciding between Florida and Maryland for dental school. I'm a Florida resident but very interested in going out of state. Has anyone else been tossing between these two schools? What tipped your decision from choosing one over the other? Any input is greatly appreciated!
  23. M

    Opinions wanted from University of Maryland medical students!

    Hello! I have been accepted to UMB. Being from MD, the in state tuition is seeming hard to turn down. However, I am wondering what it is like to be a student there? I have heard some rumors that it is very cut throat and the staff is not very attentive to the students. But I might be wrong! I...
  24. OnDemond

    SCANDAL in MARYLAND!! No More Decorative Medical Licenses?!

    I just paid $800 for my initial license in the DPRM (Democratic People's Republic of Maryland). Instead of receiving the standard-for-decades, sealed, caligraphic wall license/certificate, I received the same type of license you see in elevators certifying their safety. Really?? For all my...
  25. R

    Maryland MPJE

    Hi, Is anyone selling MD MPJE Materials? I'm specifically looking for Faders law review but open to buying other resources if available. Also if anyone wants the Virginia law book, please DM me.
  26. S

    Help with studying for MD MPJE

    Hello! I am preparing to take the MD MPJE in the next few weeks and I was wondering if anyone here passed the exam recently/has any insight on what study materials I should look into buying? I already have RxPrep for the federal law and the MAPhA law/Pharmacy Exam website for the state law...
  27. Football823

    University of Maryland English

    Hi, I was wondering how strict the english pre-requisites are for Maryland's english courses. They require 2 english courses that are both writing intensive. I have 2 english courses, however, neither are writing intensive. I do have other classes including a composition class and 3 labs that...
  28. C

    **Official Maryland Class of 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread**

    Hey everyone! Here is a thread for all you new applicants applying to Maryland for the Class of 2022. If you have any questions, @umbtoothfairy is a wonderful resource, and your fellow applicants will probably post here as well. Post any questions, when you receive the supplemental packet, and...
  29. D

    Difficulty understanding Maryland licensing requirements for supervision

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this board, currently deciding whether to apply to counseling or social work programs and where to apply. Part of my research involves looking at the licensing requirements for different states, as I imagine I will want to practice close to where I went to school, since...
  30. whatisit350

    Any current University of Maryland students on here?

    Hey all, I'm applying to the University of Maryland and was hoping to find a current student there who could possibly shed some light on the school, and what life as a student is like there. Thanks in advance!
  31. whatisit350

    Any current university of maryland students on here?

    Hey all, I'm applying to the University of Maryland and was hoping to find a current student there who could possibly shed some light on the school, and what life as a student is like there. Thanks in advance!
  32. JC663

    Maryland Lic. Optometrist needed; part time fill in work

    Looking for Maryland licensed optometrist for fill in work, would need to cover at least 5 days in a row, compensation will be $650.00 per day. Clinic hours are Mon and Wed 11:00-7:00, Tue, Thur and Fri 10:00-5:00, and Sun 12:00-4:00. Office is located in Salisbury, MD., would also consider...
  33. C

    Maryland vs. Wake Forest

    3 days left to make a decision, and I am at the end of my sanity - although I'm very fortunate to have options at all, of course. The decision is complicated due to finances. UMD: - Loved the school, fantastic program and excellent residency placements, strong research. - Love the city, plus my...
  34. N

    University of Maryland Dental School Waitlist Question

    Does anybody have a rough estimate of approximately how many people get placed on the waitlist every year at Maryland and if there is much movement for in state or out of state waitlisted applicants? Wanted to know for myself and others. Thanks!
  35. N

    University of Maryland School of Dentistry C/O 2021 Waitlist Survey

    Hey all you people! Just taking a survey of those who applied to Maryland and were waitlisted. Just wanted to get a nice survey going that can help future applicants gauge the waitlist movement for future cycles. Just vote on if you're in state or out of state and comment in this thread whether...
  36. C

    Has anyone heard from Maryland since 1/20?

    Just wanted to see if anyone has received any acceptances, waitlists, or rejections from Maryland since 1/20. The school has been silent and a lot of post December interviewees (including myself) are waiting to hear back. The expected wait time according to admissions was said to be not set and...
  37. K

    UMD vs USC vs Drexel pls help

    I'm deciding between these three and feel very conflicted. Any advice or opinions are very much appreciated. Thank you! U Maryland: (fairly) well ranked, famous Shock/Trauma center, working with a diverse population, in state tuition! U Southern California: amazing weather, absolutely love...
  38. P

    Question for current University of Maryland dental students

    Hey! So I am going to be a new student at UMB Dental this coming year and was wondering about obtaining in state status. I know there have been a lot of posts about this, and I have reviewed the documents on the school's page, but I would like to know how current students actually went about...
  39. jmich16

    Post-Bacs in MD, VA, & NY

    So, I'm looking into Post-Bac Pre-Med programs because I know my academic record just isn't going to be where I'd like it to be by the time I graduate in order to competitively apply to my med school of choice. I just starting out my research on what institutions provide Post-Bac programs...
  40. P

    MCAT 2017 Study Partner in MD or online

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a MCAT study buddy preferably in Maryland (but online might work too). I am enrolled in the Kaplan online mcat-prep course, so I'm familiar with most of the content & test format. I will be taking the test on March 31st this year. I basically need help staying motivated...