Accepted into Med School but cannot pay for it (3rd World country)

Aug 21, 2015
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hey everybody, just wanted to hear any suggestions that might help me to decide where to go from here. I do not live in North America or Europe so study loans are not the norm here, one would have to sell a home or refinance or something in order to get a decent loan. So this was discussed with my family and they don't believe we are in a position to do that in order to pay for my degree.

There are some public schools around, but they usually have crappy degree offerings and the few that do have medicine it's almost impossible to get in due to the sheer amount of applicants. In addition to that, when I tried to apply to one I was told I needed to get an appointment to have the ministry of education review my previous degrees (including high school) because I studied in North America so will be considered a foreign student. Well, you're supposed to be able to apply for that appointment online but the website does not work and no amount of complaining has changed anything in over 6 months. It doesn't work to call them up, it also doesn't work to show up -- they just tell you to keep trying online. So this is what I'm dealing with, it is soul crushing in more ways than one.

I've thought about hiring a lawyer, going after the ministry of education but who am I kidding, this is not place where the law prevails. I'm just going to waste my time and probably, if they do start a lawsuit it will take a few years where I could have gotten a degree in the meantime LOL

So basically, I'm left trying to figure out how to get the best degree I can given the circumstances I'm dealing with. There's a glimmer of hope now because my mom has an acquaintance at a public uni (with mostly crappy degrees) but it is possible that this person can clear the way for me to sign up here. I know, it's frustrating that one would have to resort to an acquaintance when I have genuine degrees from North America but this place is for real, I find it hard to believe but it's how things work around here (that's why it's normal to see otherwise nice people calling for the government to be hanged!).

Anyways, this university I'm talking about does not have any health-oriented degree nor does it have graduate level psychology which was another interest of mine before becoming interested in med school. BUT it does have Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as Materials Engineering. These are pretty much the only serious degrees and to be honest, it's nothing close to what I was interested in (I wanted biotechnology or biochemistry because I'm interested in the biological sciences) but I think that if I don't make up my mind I'm going to end up with no degree at all.

So what do you guys and gals think? Should I pursue an engineering degree? If so, which one sounds like the most promising? I'm not computer savvy, to be honest but employment-wise computer engineering sounds pretty good. I guess it's not as good as medicine, salary-wise (and may not be as interesting to some of us) but it sounds pretty good. This is a 6 year degree so I'd end up as a master's level engineer. Someone on a different site told me the program has quite a lot of programming so it would also open to door to computer science jobs.

Then there's Materials Science which I'm told is related to chemical engineering. As I was saying, I would have really preferred a biochemistry degree as I'm way more fascinated by living things than pieces of plastic but I'm trying to keep my head up and make the best of this.

Anyways, I'm rambling. Any opinions or suggestions welcome!


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Dec 22, 2014
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What exactly is your question? Your title says that you were accepted into medical school but your post is talking about an undergraduate degree...
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Jan 7, 2014
So I didn't read your whole speech, but perhaps wait for financial aid info to come in?
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