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Apr 20, 2008
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For those of you who have taken the ACS final organic II exam, I have a few questions.

I am doing the study guide right now and there are practice questions after each section, on average I am getting a 72% average...
Did any of you here also calculate what you got on the end of the chapter practice tests.. and how did it measure up to your final grade on the test??

I also have a question on the curve.. it seems that my teacher is not talking about a curve, she told us that she will not count 5 of the problems, so a perfect score would be a 65... BUT if there is no other curve, it will be very difficult to get an A on it.. Did your schools use the national average as the curve or is it a class curve??
thank you


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Jun 20, 2008
Cincinnati, OH
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I forget for sure what the national average is, but the number 46 is sticking in my mind. Our ochem teacher was griping about last years class average until she found out it was 5 above the nat. average. I guess its up to your professor. I have a while to worry about, I won't be taking it till around June.
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Jun 23, 2003
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When I took it back in the day (2003), the professor planned on curving it so that the high score was 100% and then scores were based as a percentage of the top score. I somehow had a run of brilliant guessing and got a 63/70 (I was beating scores from kids at Yale and ****...lol) and the next highest was in the lower 40s. She had to redo the curve or else the majority of the class would have failed. And the most f'd up part? The damn woman still gave me a "B" for the semester.


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Jan 21, 2008
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I took the ACS organic test last spring, and my teacher graded based on the percentiles. Somehow got a 99 and was told to be in the 99th percentile you could have gotten 2-3 wrong. I'm pretty sure I got more than that wrong, so there might have been a curve as well.

The ACS study guide helps a lot w/ the format of the questions, as it stresses testmanship and you would probably run out of time if you draw out everything without eliminating some choices first. You might be surprised when/if you see nearly EXACT questions from the study guide on the test - I remember seeing a few that were incredibly familiar (I think they might have even been the exact questions). As long as you understand what you did wrong, I wouldn't stress the actual score you get on the study guide. Just make sure if you see it again you will get the right answer ;)

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Aug 12, 2007
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ehhh yeah, I took the exam yesterday. it wasn't terribly difficult. HOWEVER, the carbonyl rxns part with wittig, claisen, michael, aldol rxns...I wasn't prepared for those topics, because we had just learned them the day before the test & it was hard to cram them in my studying. So, those questions were the hardest on the exam...

we'll see tho...eagerly waiting to see what I got. I tend to exaggerate difficulty level & get a lower score than I predict for myself.
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