ADAT Knockout or Crack ADAT

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Dec 3, 2012
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Do you recommend ADAT Knockout ($250 for 3 month access) or Crack ADAT ($200 for 3 month access)?
Or something else to prepare for the ADAT?

If you have used either of these materials and have taken the exam, would appreciate any input. Thanks!

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Yea, I used knockout and i could not imagine studying for the adat without it. Had classmates that used as well that had a similar positive experience to mine. Theres way too much material and it helps to have a resource that hones it down for you. Practice qs were very similar to the actual ADAT too. I can’t speak of crack adat though, don’t know anyone who used it
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My friend who got a very high ADAT score told me they used Crack ADAT. Group study at night also seemed to work. I would like to try group study. Anyone in CA?