1. P


    Hi everyone! 1. I registered for the ADAT and was wondering if schools really look at the scores for specialties (especially periodontics). It seems like they accept the ADAT but do not really care much for it. I have sent a few emails to perio programs I am interested in and they either had...
  2. rcollinb

    Anesthesiology (or any) residency from a pass/fail & rank-less dental school?

    Hello folks, I am about to attend a dental school that uses P/F in addition to being rank-less. I understand it is early to think about this, but what is the process with matching into a program without those two metrics? Is taking the ADAT a must for schools like that? I am super interested...
  3. ayed22

    Is ADAT Knockout reflective of real test?

    Those that took the ADAT, what were your practice test percentiles? I last minute decided to take the ADAT and my test is coming up soon, but now I am wondering if I should cancel my test because on all 3 sections I keep scoring in the 50-60% range consistently. After each test I go through...
  4. ayed22

    Is the ADAT necessary for Endo?

    I'm a current D3 planning on applying this coming cycle. All of the schools I plan on applying to have it listed as "optional" so I am contemplating whether or not I should take it. How big of a role do you think the ADAT plays? What are your thoughts on taking it versus not taking it?
  5. J

    ADAT Knockout vs Crack the ADAT??

    Looking to take the ADAT this semester, but I keep seeing conflicting opinions about different studying materials. Anyone have any advice regarding ADAT knockout or crack the ADAT? Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated!
  6. D

    ADAT Knockout

    For anyone that has used ADAT Knockout and taken the ADAT, would you mind sharing the average percentages you were achieving from Knockout and how it compared score-wise to the ADAT? Trying to get an idea of where I'm at. Thanks!
  7. B


    Hello. Like an international trained dentist who wants to practice in the US should I give the ADAT when I want to apply in dental school or its not required.
  8. E

    ADAT Knockout or Crack ADAT

    Do you recommend ADAT Knockout ($250 for 3 month access) or Crack ADAT ($200 for 3 month access)? Or something else to prepare for the ADAT? If you have used either of these materials and have taken the exam, would appreciate any input. Thanks!
  9. P

    Is ADAT needed for ENDO Residency

    Hey guys, Im in my 4th year, and I was considering applying to endo next cycle for 2020. I know only some programs require ADAT, while others accept it, but would it increase my chances if I were to take it?
  10. T

    Crack the ADAT effectiveness?

    Hey, I'm currently a 4th year dental student studying for the ADAT. I was wondering if anyone has used Crack the ADAT to study for the test? I've heard great things about ADAT Knockout, but I feel like I would like the format of CrackADAT a little better. Thanks a lot guys.
  11. C

    Perio 2019

    hello humans! Is anyone applying for Perio residency this year?
  12. D

    ADAT Practice Test by ADA

    Anybody else notice that there are multiple wrong answers on the ADAT practice exam by the ADA??? For example number 35 is A not C. source: An evaluation of factors associated with persistent primary teeth in the European Journal of Orthodontics. Or number 5 is C, not D I think 9 is C not A but...
  13. R

    Ortho Residency Chances as a Sub-Optimal Applicant

    First time poster here. Graduated with a DDS in 2017 and am currently serving in the military with 4 years of commitment. During school I didn't feel like I got enough exposure to pursue any specific residency but now that I've been practicing for about a year I'm interested in Ortho. My GPA is...
  14. C

    D1 Am I on the right path to specialize?

    Hi SDN! First let me apologize for posting a thread of a topic with so many posts. But I need some advice. About to start the winter term of my D1 year. I am okay with doing general dentistry going forward, but I am definitely interested in pediatrics. Currently attending a non ivy P/F...
  15. Gruffud

    What if I bomb the ADAT

    So I haven't taken the ADAT yet, but I am getting really nervous about taking it. If I take it and bomb it, can't I just not put it on my application? Or will they still have the score?
  16. W

    Trouble getting in endo

    I'm a foreign trained dentist trying to get in an endodontics residency. I graduate in 2010 with a not so great GPA, got a 90 and an 80 in NBDE I and II respectively, did AEGD in the US, got a 90 in ADAT, practicing in Florida and has been applying for endo for 3 years. I never even got an...
  17. W


    SO. I'm taking the ADAT this week....Anyone care to to help me not freak out? I go back and forth between worrying about it, and thinking "Eh, it's just a small portion of the residency application anyway" What are your thoughts? Applying for ortho, ask me anything about me if you want to know.
  18. P

    American DAT Reading Comprehension Tutor needed!!

    Hi I'm in Toronto area and am desperate to find someone who can help me with RC section. I have done poorly 2 times and it is the only section pulling my average down. If you are in Toronto and know how to help me encounter this section (become a faster reader + strategies) I will be willing...
  19. A

    My ADAT Experience

    So I just took the ADAT and here is my personal breakdown: How I studied: I spent 2 months total studying for this exam. I spent the first month learning/reviewing the material using board busters for the biomedical sciences and mosby’s nbde part II for the clinical sciences. The second month...
  20. A

    3.5 GPA and Ortho

  21. 56101991

    ADAT KNOCKOUT- is it useful?

    Wondering if anyone has used ADAT knockout and whether it is helpful or not? Also, what other resources are good to use? Thanks
  22. Gruffud

    Most Useful ADAT Prep?

    For those of you that have taken the ADAT, what seemed like the most useful resources to study?
  23. N

    Canadians who have written both the cDAT and aDAT (applying to States)

    Hi guys, I've tried searching on this but couldn't find anything, so I was hoping someone might be able to comment. For those who have written both the Canadian and American DATs and have/are applying to the States, do schools even bother looking at the Canadian one if you've written the...
  24. Big Time Hoosier

    ADAT Practice Exam vs. The Real Deal

    I have a question for those who took the ADAT this year. How did the real test compare in difficulty to the practice test released by the ADA? Thoughts? Big Hoss
  25. SHDent

    Applying again... Ortho this time. Avoiding ADAT?

    3rd year pros resident here - I'm applying to ortho to piggyback on my pros training. All is going well, except for the blasted ADAT! Everyone around me tells me I shouldn't worry about it, but the uncertainty of the content has me a bit on edge. I graduated from dental school in 2010 so I'm...
  26. Lane138

    My ADAT experience

    Took this beast of an exam. The exam is broken up into four parts. You get breaks in between each: Biomedical sciences, Critical thinking/ epidemiology, Dental Sciences, and Ethics+Miscellaneous. There are 200 questions in total, with the majority of the questions falling in the first and...
  27. premac

    Endodontics 2017

    Hi everyone, It's that time of the year! Hopefully the application process is going very well for all of you (and studying, for those of us that are taking ADAT soon) I don't see a lot of activity regarding this super awesome specialty on SDN, so I decided to make a thread for this application...