Addressing a failed post-bacc class in personal statements?

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Nov 23, 2021
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I'm currently working on clinical psych PhD applications. After my undergrad degree in health psych, I spent a couple years preparing to apply for Physician Assistant programs before I redirected to psych. During this time, I took and failed an online microbiology course. I'm torn on addressing this issue in my personal statement. Leaning towards not including it since it is unrelated to psych and a deviation from my strong academic performance in the second half of undergrad. I'm curious to hear this community's perspective. A few relevant factors:

- I am applying to a few neuropsych programs, but my academic neuroscience experience is limited (two years of clinical work though). In my statement, I refer my success in several undergraduate biology courses as proof of my capacity to excel in graduate neuroscience courses. I earned As and A-s in all seven bio classes I have taken besides that darned microbio course.
- My overall GPA is decent - 3.5. My psych GPA is great - 3.9.
- My performance in my first and second years of college were pretty rocky. Though I earned several As in tough classes, I also earned a couple Fs in easy, single credit courses and some B-s and Cs in history and chemistry/math courses that just did not interest me (thx undiagnosed ADHD).

What do you all think?

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