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Cardiac Amyloidosis

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Apr 9, 2016
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Does anyone here have inside info on any programs? Mostly interested in CT and CMR driven programs. I know there’s wide variance in numbers, whether you read with radiology or not etc.

There’s not much info on any of these programs and it’s really annoying. From my research, these appear to be the programs with CT and MRI focus:

- Ohio State University
- Minneapolis Heart
- St Francis Heart Hospital in NY
- UK
- Iowa
- Loyola Chicago
- Emory
- Utah
- University of Chicago
- Medstar Washington
- Cedars Sinai
- Beaumont Royal Oak
- Yale
- Oregon Health
- Penn

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St Francis Heart Hospital in NY, NYU- mineola, Rutgers in NJ- read w/ cardiology
Do you guys know programs that still accept applications for July 2024 date?