Adversity Essay Topic

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Jun 14, 2018
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Would appreciate some feedback on my adversity essay topic:

I'm planning on writing about how I lost my grandmother a week before performing in my eighth grade play. Losing my grandmother was emotionally draining and I initially felt like I couldn't go through with performing in a comedy. However, I realized that being consumed by my sadness wasn't going to better the situation for my grandmother or myself, so I needed to focus on what I could control and make the most of the situation. I view the key to being resilient as being able to shift perspective in the face of difficult times and I think the ability to do this would be important to a physician because you need to be able to react to changing circumstances and make the most out of them.

My one concerns with this essay is that it happened when I was in eighth grade, is this something I should worry about?

Thanks in advance.

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Personally, I would not write about something that long ago unless it was earth-shattering, but I'm just another applicant so I'm not an expert.
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I would try to write about something from college (or past few years if you’re nontrad). That seems like too long ago.