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Jun 9, 2024
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I am working on prewriting some of my secondary essays and am struggling to come up with a topic for the adversity essay. I feel I have lived a fairly normal life with no major deaths, financial problems, etc. I have a couple of topics I have thought of over the last few days and would love to hear whether they would make a good topic.

1. Shyness: Growing up I was shy and did not like talking to new people or having attention on me. Through my work experiences and school I have gotten over this fear and learned how to approach uncomfortable environments and conversations. I have even participated in a show dancing on stage in front of hundreds of people even though I have little rhythm and am uncoordinated.

2. Size: I was born prematurely and for most of my life was smaller than my peers. My birthdate also made me one of the youngest in my class adding to the slight delay in my physical development. I had to learn to not let my size stop me and still participated in many sports even if it meant working harder so as not to be overlooked. Showed me that our physical identity does not limit where we can go or what we can do.

3. Small Family: I have a very small extended family (dad was adopted and both parents died young, mom only has one sibling) and did not have many people to help guide me. I am also a first-gen college student and had to maneuver educational decisions on my own which was difficult because neither them nor myself knew what was happening. The challenge continued once I was at school and had to figure everything out on my own but it taught me how to stand up for myself, improved problem-solving, finding other support systems. (I wrote about this though in the OIE so not sure that I should use the idea again)

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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IMO, all of those sound promising. My advice is just write super rough drafts for all of them, getting your thoughts out. In writing, it becomes much more clear what topics you have the most strength in. And if admissions have already read about one of the topics, then I'd recommend not repeating. Best of luck!
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Just my two cents, but I am liking the sound of number 2. But I agree with the previous answer - try writing out some drafts and see how well you can describe them!