Adversity/resilience topic

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Jan 25, 2023
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Thank you for reading.

Maybe I haven't thought about it hard enough, but I feel I haven't faced too much adversity in my life. I'm very grateful for this except for now, having to answer the adversity/resilience question.

I'm considering writing about transferring twice, once mid pandemic, and how I had to adapt to three different schools and start from scratch learning each system/location and meeting new people. It'd also explain why I'm submitting transcripts from four schools :) I know that a lot of people have transferred so it isn't special, but it might be what I've got.

Left my first school because it didn't make financial sense and went to a CC (two actually) because I thought I had to have my associates before transferring to my state school (I didn't but whoops). I wanted to write about how the experience of attending all these schools actually exposed me to an amazing variety of perspectives and forced me to adapt and adjust quickly. And it's true, I really feel that way. Anyway, I'd appreciate feedback.

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It sounds like you learned and adapted, so it works!
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