Other OT-Related Information Advice for first semester of OT school?


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Jun 16, 2019
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I was accepted to my top choice occupational therapy program in March and am so excited to finally be starting OT school this month!!!

I was wondering if anyone may have any advice for students walking into OT school? Maybe some perspective from your experience, how to best prepare, best supplies/things to have on hand/ways to organize yourself in the weeks before OT school? Unfortunately my first semester will be online due to COVID-19, but I'm looking forward to getting going for the second half of summer semester and getting back to in-person classes in the fall!


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Dec 15, 2018
Definitely make a schedule for yourself! I did a lot of my work on the weekends to make my weekdays easier for me. Also, make time for yourself to do activities you enjoy. If they gave you any materials for the summer then def study them! And in the long run, remember that one bad grade does not mean anything, and when you are applying for a job no one is going to ask about your GPA! I am sure you are going to do great!!
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