I re-re-take Step 3 on Sep. 28. Two failed attempts so far.

Been studying about 2 hours/day since Feb., and I have been on "research" electives (aka study at home most of the day) since the end of July.

So far I have done:

1) a lot of Online MedEd lectures for my weakest topics
2) UWorld Step 2 CK QBank; now redoing all the questions I got incorrect
3) Kaplan Step 3 QBank (waste of $ btw, so low yield)
4) UWorld Step 3 QBank (that's kinda burned out though because I've done it so many times; I'm scoring too high onit)
5) CCSCases.com, going through a second pass now
6) Just bought ArcherReview QBank and the CCS Workshops (Full Length Streaming Videos + Rapid CCS Prep)

What else can I do to get this damn thing outta the way this time?

I'm an IMG (class of 2013) current psychiatry PGY4, fwiw.

Thanks in advance.
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