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Advice Needed Immediately!


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May 13, 2006
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I need some quick advice please!


This semester i'm taking second semester physics and lab+A&P and lab+ a higher bio class and some PEs...as my physics class is taking a lot of time, I won't be able to study for my DAT which I wanted to take in May and be an early applicant. So, I thought I drop physics and use the time to study for DAT and take Physics in the summer........

What do you think?

I only have a few days to drop W/o WP......so plz let me know what you think


:confused: :luck:


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Dec 1, 2006
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Don't drop physics!

You can study for the Dat in the summer. I submitted in june with out Dat scores, took it Aug 28th and was accepter Dec 1st. You still have plenty of time. Get your prereqs done.
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Feb 16, 2007
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Uh here is some advice, I think Dropping physics and doin summer version would be really stupid.....

YOu dont need your DAT scores till sept....

I would finish this school year hit kaplan in the summer take the dat in july aug. thats what I did and it worked very well...

Besides then You can just focus on the DAT and study hard for it, it will end up much better for your scores on the DAT, and it will keep your grades up for the last semester of school.

Do your whole application early and the only thing you will be lacking is your DAT scores... So after you take your DAT your whole app can be sent off as soon as ADSASS gets your scores....

Just my .02 Good luck...

PS I took My Dat in first week of sept 06, and Got into dent school so you will be fine.. Just do well on it and study hard for it...


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Sep 19, 2005
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Kepp the course load and take the DAT later. You have until Mid Aug or so at the latest (earlier is BETTER, but at the latest in Aug.)

I took my DAT Aug 20 of 05.
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