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Jun 25, 2006
hey guys...
im new to this site so was just asking for some advice...
im in university here in the US, doing premed courses however, due to distractions and etc I did not do well as I should have or orginally do. I basically messed up and ruined the first two academic years of my college here..now it is becoming reallllly difficult to bring the grades up and all..now im thinking is it all going to be worth it in the end? i know other exams also count but still...how long will it take...

another question....should I try and maybe go and study in a foreign country such as India since it takes shorter time and hence will save me time...because i feel like i have wasted a lot already...

however, there admissions process is direct from high school....and i have two yrs of college...

i dont know...what do you guys think?

keeeep working hard from now on and keep going or think of going abroad to study like india?

thanks for all the advice....


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Jul 15, 2006
My personal opinion: first, read the thread I started about med school. Figure out if YOU really want to go to med school, or if it's a goal you've been inculcated with by external sources.

Then, if you really still want to be a doctor...for the RIGHT reasons...well, one of my best friends from med school was a high-school dropout. He took community college classes because he couldn't get into a large university. He was a cop for a while. He sold computers for a while. Now, he's an ophthalmology resident at the most competitive program in the country.

But quite simply, if you just don't have what it takes, no matter how hard you try, then you should alter your goals...medicine is NOT an easy field. If you can't cut it here, you're still going to have a difficult time anywhere else.

And if you ever wish to practice medicine in the US, you need to pass all steps of the USMLE. That exam makes the MCAT look like a fifth-grade arithmetic test.

Contrary to popular sentiment on this board, there is NO easy way to become a practicing physician.


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Jul 18, 2003
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If you truely want to be a doctor, then work hard from now on. You can't change what you've done in the past. You still have a chance at getting in to a US medical school (especially if you consider applying to both MD & DO schools). Med schools do look at trends in your grades... so if you do reallllly well during your last 2 years of college, it will make you look a little better. Also, study hard for the MCAT. Since you will probably have a lower than average college gpa, you will need a really good MCAT score to balance things out.

Personally, I'd try to stay in the US instead of going to India to study. And like the other poster said, school/medicine will be hard whether you're here or back in India.

Good luck :luck:
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