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Feb 4, 2021
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  1. Other Health Professions Student
Advice needed please! I was accepted to the following programs and am debating where to go. Any pros and cons would be helpful. I want to work in public health nutrition, I have the most interest in food education and applied to both MPH/RD programs and MPH Nutrition programs that are not accredited dietitian programs
  • Johns Hopkins MSPH Nutrition - This program allows me to also obtain my Registered Dietitian credentials
  • Tufts MPH Nutrition - I can combined classes at Simmons to get my DPD certificate and apply to dietetic internships
  • Harvard MPH Nutrition - Still researching if I can get my DPD at Simmons while attending this program
About me - I currently live in New England and most likely want to live here when I am older. I love that I get both a public health degree and RD credentials at Johns Hopkins but the program is only one year of education, which seemed intense (I realize all programs are) for external activities. I also was not in love with Baltimore. I have all of my core science classes to becoming an RD so do not want to give up towards that goal, as I think that will make me a more well rounded individual in the public health nutrition world.
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