Jun 5, 2013
I start as a D1 here in a few weeks. My first classes are Human Anatomy, Dental Anatomy, Histology, and Biochemistry for Dental Students. I want to review some information on these topics before I start class. I don't have my books yet so I was wondering if there are any sites online that I could look at. Example would be youtube videos etc....

Before you say enjoy your last few weeks of summer I already am! I just want something to do the first few hours of my day! Any help would be appreciated.


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Mar 2, 2015
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Don't. You don't know what material will be tested and studying in advance will likely not help since you will forget most by the time you get to it. Enjoy the break.
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Jul 21, 2004
Make sure you read Sturdevant's Art and Science of Operative Dentistry in its entirety. I will prepare quizzes for you to take at the end of every chapter to prepare you for the thunder that's headed your way.

Seriously though, just enjoy the break.

Big Hoss
LOL, I remember buying that book, but I don't know if I ever read it. Is it that big blue book?

If you really want to prepare, get powerpoints and old exams from your upperclassmen.
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